Sea Salt 300g (Bottle)
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heart 100% Natural (No Chemicals & Preservative) 

heart Retain its mineral content such as iron, magnesium,  potassium, and calcium

heart Regulate fluid balance, blood pressure, and improve digestive system

heart Jakim HALAL Certified, KKM MESTI Certified


This french sea salt, also known as Sel De Guerande in France, is a unique type of salt with a rich history. It has a fine texture and a delicate flavour with greyish white coloured granules. It is made by collecting evaporated salt from the surface of seawater where it is dried and grounded. 



100% Fine Sea salt / Sel de Guérande 100%海盐 (瓶)



enlightenedUnprocessed which lets the salt retain its minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium 
enlightenedSea Salt mostly contains sodium chloride which maintains fluid balance and blood pressure 
enlightenedSodium chloride can also promote a healthy digestive system as it aids the nutrients that have been broken down in the body to be absorbed and transported during digestion 
enlightenedCan be used as a salt bath where it can decrease dryness and inflammation of the skin 
enlightenedSaltier in taste due, thus, a lesser amount is needed to season your food; Leading to lower salt consumption 


Country of Origin




heartJakim HALAL Certified

heartKKM MeSTI Certified


Recommended Serving Size

yes¼ teaspoon (1.5g) per serving

yes1 teaspoon (less than 5g)  per day


What our nutritionist says

It is true that sea salt has a higher mineral composition than regular table salt. However, do note that it is not enough to meet your nutritional needs. Excessive consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure and an increase in the risk of heart problems. Therefore, for adults, the recommendation was that individuals should not eat more than 5 g of salt per day (2,300 mg sodium).



1. How is this different from regular table salt?

The main difference is that Sea Salt is unprocessed, which means that its minerals are retained. While regular table salt is heavily processed, thus, most of its nutrients are removed. Even though both salts have similar sodium content, french sea salt has a saltier taste, therefore, you will naturally use less of it in compared to table salt 


2. Are all your salts iodized?

Yes, all our salt products are iodized. 


Mommy’s corner

kiss0 - 10 months old: giving your baby salt should be avoided at this age. Babies can already get the sodium needed from breast or formula milk 

kiss10 - 12 months old: The maximum amount that can be given is 1g per day. It is not recommended to give more than this as their kidneys cannot cope with it.  However, we recommend using mild spices instead of salt if your baby’s food tastes bland. 

kissAbove 12 months old: The maximum that can be given is 2g per day. 
For pregnant women, the recommended salt intake is the same as everyone else. A daily maximum of 5g per day or 1 teaspoon of salt.


Suggested ways to serve

enlightenedSuitable to be used in cooking and as finishing salt to flavour or garnishing.

enlightenedFor salt baths: add 1 cup of sea salt to a warm bath. 

enlightenedAs an exfoliating scrub: mix salt with oils, honey, or scrubs until desired consistency. Then gently massage the body and avoid delicate areas. 



Store at room temperature, dry place and away from direct sunlight


Table of comparison


  French Sea Salt Korean Bamboo Salt Himalaya Mineral Rock Salt
Source Evaporated Sea Water Natural salt roasted in bamboo Foothill of Himalaya
Features Greyish white colour with a fine texture White in colour with a fine texture Pink in colour with a coarse texture
Mineral content Mainly sodium chloride with some trace minerals Variety of trace minerals Variety of trace minerals

- Promote a healthy digestive system 

- Maintain fluid balance 

- Regulate blood pressure 

- Reduce dryness & inflammation

- 2x potassium content 

- Improve bowel movement 

- Regulate blood pressure 

- Strengthen the immune system 

- Detoxifies the body

- Reduce dryness & inflammation

- 84 different minerals

- Promote a healthy digestive system 

- Maintain fluid balance 

- Regulate blood pressure

- Reduce dryness & inflammation

  • Seasoning to food 
  • To make a salt bath
  • Body scrub
  • Seasoning to food 
  • Body scrub 
  • Toothpaste for gum inflammation
  • Seasoning to food 
  • To make a salt bath 
  • Body scrub


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Sea Salt 300g (Bottle)

乐儿细粒海盐 300公克(罐装)