Demerara Brown Sugar 800g
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heartIdeal for sweetening coffee and as a crunchy topping for cakes

heartLess processed - Has more molasses retained so contains more vitamins and minerals than regular white sugar


heartKKM Mesti Certified


Golden brown sugar with large homogeneous sparkling crystals. Has a crunchy, sticky texture and a rich aroma due to the presence of cane molasses.


Standard Demerara Brown Sugar


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Daily Serving Size:

Less than 30g (7 Teaspoons)

Serving Size:

1 Teaspoon

What Our Nutritionist Says:

What makes Demerara Brown Sugar different from Regular White Sugar? They are processed to a different extent - The refining process to make Demerara Brown Sugar is less than White Sugar. This causes more molasses to be retained, therefore they contain more vitamins and minerals than White Sugars, although in a minute amount. Regardless, it is important to note that it still has the same calorie content as regular sugar and that it gives the same effect on your blood sugar as any other sugar.


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Demerara Brown Sugar 800g

乐儿德梅拉拉紅糖 800公克 (罐装)