Almond Flour 200g
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heart100% Natural Ground Almond Flour from USA, Gluten & Wheat Free

heartGreat alternative baking Flour for Wheat or Gluten intolerance

heartRich in Vitamin E (Antioxidants), Magnesium, other Minerals too

heartFor baking purposes, simply replace regular wheat flour

heartCan use to replace bread crumbs as a fried coating, KKM Mesti Certified

Almond flour

  • Is made from ground almonds. The process involves blanching almonds in boiling water to remove the skins, then grinding and sifting them into a fine flour.
  • Almond flour is particularly rich in Vitamin E (Antioxidants) and Magnesium than improved blood sugar control, reduced insulin resistance and lower blood pressure.
  • Almond flour is both wheat-free and gluten-free, making it a great alternative for baking for those who cant tolerate wheat or gluten.

Way to Use:

Almond flour is easy to bake with. In most baking recipes, we can simply replace regular wheat flour with almond flour. It can also be used in place of bread crumbs as a fried coating.


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Almond Flour 200g