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SW 08
A high technology vibrational swing chair that comes with multi speed adjustment to enhance the child's leisure. This swing chair is designed especially to be parent-friendly where child can be easily stationed on the swing chair and also comes with varieties of music selection and with addition to it, the teethers function as well! The long life battery and ease of sanitation definitely adds value for this mechanics!
  • Multi-speed adjustment for low to high speed choices
  • Intimate design allows mother to easily put the baby in and out
  • Soothing features include tethers and 6 kinds of music
  • Washable seat pad
  • Magnetic driven mechanism has no noise, which enables the baby to fall asleep quickly
  • The battery will also last for 100 hours
Blue Summer
Open dimension
Height: 0.56 m
Length: 0.45 m
Width: 0.57 m
Closed dimension (folded)
Height: 0.53 m
Length: 0.43 m
Width: 0.16 m
Weight: 4.94 kg

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