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ST 53
This buggy is a definite suit for mothers as it comes with light weight aluminium chasis easing them to be used around while providing great support to the baby. The seat unit can also be removable with 5 position reclining seat. This buggy is also compatible with carseats to form a great travelling system. The buggy comes with telescope fold system where most of the parts are detachable to ease of storage. Freestanding upon folding. A definite fun unit!
  • Light weight aluminium chassis
  • Telescope fold system
  • Removable seat unit for carry cot
  • Multi position two tones handle
  • The buggy can be fixed with a carseat into the slot of the armrest
  • Two tones footrest
  • Detachable mesh basket
  • Detachable canopy
  • 5 position reclined seat back
  • Buggy stand itself after folding
Blue Summer
Dandelion Blue
Dandelion Yellow
Open dimension
Height: 0.71 m
Length: 0.47 m
Width: 1.03 m
Closed dimension (folded)
Height: 1.02 m
Length: 0.25 m
Width: 0.29 m
Weight: 9.68 kg

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