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HC 72
High chair with 3 adjustable seat position, multi position of seat height adjustment. Comes with removable attractive toy bars with melodies and dining tray. Comfortable cushion seats and foot rest adds comfortability to the baby at all times of usage. Attractive designs and compact frames adds stability to the high chair. Seat belts enhanced secure position of child at all times.
  • 3 adjustable seat position
  • Multi position of seat height adjustment
  • Detachable toy bars with melodies
  • Securing seat belts
  • Comfortable cushion seats with foot rest
Blue Summer
Open dimension
Height: 0.85 m
Length: 0.56 m
Width: 1.09 m
Closed dimension (folded)
Height: 0.68 m
Length: 0.51 m
Width: 0.38 m
Weight: 10.30 kg

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