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Walker with colourful automative stimulating theme with fun. The walker comes with refractable seat for walking function. The multiple function walker have removable hood for easy access of snacking and adjustable food rest to bring extra comfort to the baby. The walker comes with bouncing feature which could be adjustable accordingly with great toy and lights and ease of sanitation as well.
  • walker cum bouncer
  • steering wheel with lights and sounds
  • ease to clean cushion seat
  • removable hood
  • adjustable food rest
  • refractable seat
Open dimension
Height: 0.70 m
Length: 0.65 m
Width: 0.53 m
Closed dimension (folded)
Height: 0.70 m
Length: 0.65 m
Width: 0.48 m
Weight: 8.02 kg

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